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More and more prime growing land is being eaten up by urban sprawl, finding alternatives for growing fresh, clean, healthy supplies of fruits, vegetables and herbs has become a more serious subject to explore. There are also constant concerns about water shortages these days as well. As mentioned already, hydroponics offers an extremely efficient use of water as opposed to the tendency to over-water gardens and flowerbeds.

Power Grower Kit

Growing Systems

The best hydroponic growing systems available at The Grow Zone in Red Deer.  From single bucket systems to large tent systems.

General Hydroponics FloraSeries

 Nutrient Bundles 

The Grow Zone has designed advanced nutrient bundles that will give you everything you need from start to finish.

Water Garden Fish Tank

Easy and fun for the whole family.
Add a fish, plant seeds, harvest and enjoy!

Hydroponic Water Garden

Our Systems

The Grow Zone team has complete hydroponic systems ready to go.  Depending on what you’d like to grow, we can recommend the best hydroponic systems. We will get you setup with everything you need, from start to finish.

There are hydroponic systems that come complete and ready for growing right out of the box; and, there are The Grow Zone designed systems for the more savvy hydroponic grower.

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Advanced Nutrients
HydroFarm Hydroponics
Dr. Willards Water
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Back To The Roots
Hydro Star
Sun Blaster Horticulture Lighting
Mammoth Tents
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