About Us

About US

The Grow Zone

Isn’t your typical retail business.

With a focus on various types of gardening, specializing in hydroponics, this innovative company exists to help consumers transition into a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle by enabling them to grow their own vegetables and herbs indoors. Put simply, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. More specifically, with hydroponics, plants are grown with their roots suspended in water containing all of the necessary nutrients.

The Grow Zone was started in August of 2013 by Dennies and Sharon Vierboom. With a wide variety of experience in multiple industries, Sharon and Dennies are the ideal team to run this type of business. From Sharon’s background in accounting and healthcare, to Dennies being a triple-ticketed journeyman with a focus on plumbing and refrigeration, the couple have their bases covered and are able to handle the technical and financial matters of the business on their own.

When it comes to operating the business in terms of sales and customer service, the GrowZone’s best assets are the skill sets of the staff. Having a red seal plumber / HVAC technician and a horticulturist assistant available allows customers to feel comfortable in knowing that the staff believe in the products and the knowledge to educate the clients on all their requests.

In the spring of 2016 The GrowZone moved across the street to a larger location that provided additional space for displays to educate consumers on how plants grow. As well the space provide the consumer an area where they can view various products such as complete grow room packages that are offered to fit most budgets and requirements.

Over the past five years the GrowZone has grown to become a community minded business providing education classes to local schools, garden clubs and partnering with organizations such as ReThink Red Deer. Dennies also prepares and gives talks on hydroponics to various clubs and organizations throughout Central Alberta.