3×3 Grow Room Package


Kit Includes:

1          Mammoth Pro 90 3’ x 3’ x 6.’ Grow Room

1          Viparspectra450 LED Grow Light

1          AutoPot 4 Pot System

4          Auto Pot Air Domes

1          Marina 200 Air Pump

1          Nutrient Pack – Greenhouse Powder Feed

1          Mondi Mini Greenhouse Thermo-Hygrometer

1          10 litre package of Perlite

1          Apollo 8 Timer

1          Package of SkyHooks

1          Wind Devil 6” ClipOn Fan

1          Ona Block


Keeping it simple and easy

Other than seeds and soil/substrate the kit contains everything you need to produce healthy, viable plants.

The recipe for success offers a proven, simple method and it WORKS!!!!


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