Helpful Videos from our Friends!

Remo Nutrients’ Urban Grower Checks out an AutoPot Garden in the UK. Check out the amazing Autopot System in action! We use this system in our Grow tent packages of at least 3x3 or higher. Check out Remo Here.

C Vault Education with Remos Urban Grower.

C vaults come with our Harvest Kit and are available for sale in many sizes.

A Humidor for Herbs.

AutoPot USA Product explanation.

Learn how this system uses only Gravity to continuously keep your garden Perfectly Hydrated.

These are available individually, in 4 pot systems, or in custom configurations.

How much Light do I Need in my Grow Room?
How much Light can my Plants take?

These questions are answered wonderfully by Green Planets Garden Sage

Check them out Here

What NPK is and what the Numbers on Fertilizer mean.

Green Planets Garden Sage informs you what they are, how they’re used and what each of the numbers mean.


Why do we recommend GeoPots fabric containers? Explore the benefits of Fabric containers and Air Pruning!

Gorilla Grow Tent Demonstration.

Learn Why Gorilla is a industry Leader in Grow Tents.

Our Mammoth brand tents are a comparable cost effective alternative, but we do also have Gorilla brand Tents.

Whats the point of specialized gardening glasses?

Not just to look cool, These glasses protect your eyes and help with gardening!

Normal Sunglasses can’t protect you as well as specialized gardening glasses.